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Raging CheesePuff-Sama
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YOOOOOOOO!!!! :iconkissingplz:

Hey there I'm Raging CheesePuff-sama *stands in the wind. cape flying free* :iconmegustabishieplz:


Regardless of whether I'm good at it or not, I suppose that depends on personal preference, I enjoy photography, cosplay, drawing, etc etc xD crafty things

I post a lot of cosplay and just day to day life things. I post a lot of pictures of my friends, family, art work, etc, not only cosplay, though that is my main posting usually, and now that my tablet's fixed I'll be posting more drawings. Warning though, my art style fluctuates A LOT. so if that bothers you then I wouldn't go roaming through my profile~ sorry;;;; :heart:

Most of my cosplaying though is just messing around, maybe one day I'll have more elaborate put together things with nice shoots but for now I just enjoy messing around. I actually prefer to make my friends costumes and dress them up more than myself, so you'll probably see a lot of stuff of my friends on my page if you so choose to venture through it.

Sooooooo.. yeah~ :iconepicstareplz:
I'm doing the whole tag thing again xD cause I hate tagging others, I don't know anyone else to tag SO OH WELL. but these are some nice questions so I'd like to answer them

FabulousBeck 's quesitons

1. Do you think gay marriage should be legal everywhere? Why? 
---I believe so, yes. I don't think gay marriage should be a big deal. I don't think it's fair that only straight people could live together lawfully with the one they love. Personally, I don't like the idea of marriage (for myself). Marriage terrifies me, but I think others that want it, should be able to celebrate it with their loved ones instead of being told they can't because of the one they love. I try not to get too involved in the arguments though, they all get blown out of proportion and everyone gets butt hurt on both sides. I have my opinion, and I'll defend it when I'm face with an apposer

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 
---ooo that's tough. I was born in Italy, and I've traveled around to different places in the U.S. but I still have't been everywhere I've dreamed of visiting, so I can't really tell you where I'd love to live most. Maybe the one I wish to visit most isn't actually to my liking? but I would love to explore.

3. What is your dream job?
---Somewhere in Media Arts, be it in set design, or visual development
4. What is your religion or stance on religion?
---I was raised in a mormon house hold, and I have respect and an open mind to all religions because they mean something to someone. I don't full heatedly believe in any of them, I love learning about them though and taking pieces that I enjoy.  
5. Do you like DeviantArt?
---I do. I think it's fun. However pretty much everyone I know has stopped using it and moved to tumblr or pintrest xD
6. If you could be any creature, existing or not, what would it be?
---some sort of symbiotic dragon/reptile bread~ I'm not sure, but it would be weird :heart:
7. Do you like ice tea?
---hmmm I like hot tea more, but sure~
8. Have you ever had a durian? Tell me about it.
---I have not! I didn't know what it was til now when I just looked it up xD it looks interesting though
9. Who is your favourite Disney princess?
---......... aaah man.. that's hard. I tend to favor all the goofy side characters or more recent princes more than the actual princesses. uhm. but... dang. I don't know. they all have their own qualities that make them who they are and admire them. I love Mulan, Tiana, Merida, Belle, Pocahontas. uhm well also Princess Leia can be considered a disney princess now xD so I LOVE her. 
10. What side do you sleep on?
--- all sides. xD I think I might favor my left side??? I dunno it takes me a long time to get comfortable
11. If you could give YOURSELF a nickname, what would it be?
---Raging CheesePuff-Sama, BEAST, tallestpersonyouknow. XD I dunno. I've had all ranges of nicknames for lack of people being able to pronounce my name, so I've been givin most of them already.
12. What would you do if your kid was transgender? 
---I would buy them the most fabulous wardrobe, I'd help them get ready, I'd get ready with them, and I'd support and have fun with whatever they choose :heart: I'm genderfluid, er bigender. Physically I'm obviously a female and I'm totally cool with being called that, I've been mistaken for a boy a lot though, and I'm cool with being called that. I don't feel offended being called either, and I don't corrected them. Some days I feel like both or neither. I really don't care about my own gender, and I want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. People should be what and who they are and not feel like they have to dress to impress or makes excuses about who they are to the world. You just need to be comfortable and meet your own standards :heart:
13. Would you ever get body modifications like piercings, tattoos or plastic surgeries? 
---I already have quite a few ear piercings, and do intend to get more. uhm. the only way I've considered tattoos, is I'd be getting one for my dog when he passes.. or if my childhood friend, who is constantly ill. I'm open to the idea of them, but I'm not a go crazy person on that, I'm not big into tattoos, I think they're pretty on others, but I'm picky toward myself haha
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: I Am What I am - John Barrowman
  • Reading: what I'm writing
  • Watching: the Arrow
  • Eating: Peanut M&Ms
  • Drinking: AQUA

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